Let me introduce you to my Krista Kendrick mysteries. The first book, Eagles’ Reach is currently in progress. PS, PreStory, blogs background and inspiration for the fictitious hamlet of Eagles’ Reach, and its residents, Krista Kendrick, a forensic nurse, and her partner Jon Wolf, a Native American detective. Sign up below for my rechristened newsletter, Tales, to follow publication notices, short stories, essays, contests, and current event information.


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PreStory: A Writer's Blog

Big Horn Fire!!

For over a week, 9,000 acres have been burning despite valiant efforts by over five […]

Fun Friday Find- Red Cylaca

Another different flower formation with the petals curled backwards, this is a red cylaca.

Fun Friday Find- Small Cactus

I also can’t name this small cactus, some type of hedgehog or California variety is […]

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