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Eagles' Reach

Featuring a fictitious Pacific Northwest hamlet, the Krista Kendrick mystery series wraps you in the delightful warmth of local tradition while engaging your emotions and challenging your mind.

Krista Kendrick, a long-widowed forensic nurse, discovers her fiancé murdered on their wedding day in Eagles’ Reach. With her detective partner, Jon Wolf, a Salish detective, Krista finds more than she expected.

Anonymous sources imply Krista may be next to die.

Published Essays

Compiled by Elizabeth Coplan, GD Publishing, October 28, 2018

Release date: March 14, 2019

As someone who has edited, published and written a combined several hundred stories about the long arc of loss, I know first-hand the undeniable power and confidence that comes from sharing your own narrative, as opposed to having someone else craft it for you. Through beautiful poetry and prose, The Grief Dialogues book gives that power to a wide variety of people, who I'm sure, in turn, will inspire multitudes to do the same."

Rebecca Soffer, coauthor,  Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome.



Corbin Lewars, Editor, Dane Chapin Ventures, 2017

This volume of works by fifty-six authors expresses what they would have liked to say to someone if they had been with that person longer. Stories span the full spectrum of emotions, yet always involve an element of love and loss. “I Do Not Know Your Name” is my contribution, about a woman who cared for me in my childhood and who made a huge difference in forming my outlook on life.

Like our new album Liv On, Just a Little More Time harnesses the power of words to heal, sometimes with humor and sometimes with hope. The stories take the reader through the cycle of life and death, love and loss, and contemplate life after death. The authors of Just a Little More Time transcend sorrow and remind the readers of what it is to love fully."

— Amy Sky, Singer/Songwriter (Amy recorded Liv On with Olivia Newton-John and Beth Nielson Chapman)

Terri Sparr, Editor, Sugait Publications, 2011

This collection presents turning points in women’s lives, from their own perspective, whether times of happiness or grief. “That Smile" is my personal story of meeting the love of my life after numerous disastrous relationships, and how I knew in the space of a smile that my husband and I were meant to share our lives.

Gardening Column

Master Gardener Foundation

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