Kathleen Mary O'Connell Scott c. 1937-38 I am now believer in Facebook. My aunt’s name flashed by when I was looking for my web master. My new sister-in-law and my grandmother’s names are Kathleen Scott. We’re new sisters-in-law. We thought we might be related more directly. Kathy’s my husband’s late wife’s sister-in-law. I was honored to figure out what our relationship was when Kathy friended me as family on facebook. I looked down my aunt’s friends list and eventually found my husband, step-kids, and all his relatives. Actually she’s my husband’s late wife’s sister-in-law. But I was honored to puzzle our family relationship when she friended  me on facebook. Wow! Don’t ask me to name our relationship now. We’re just one big happy family. So much for six degrees of separation. How about two?

My brother-in-law’s wife and I have exactly the same name. But that’s another story!

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