Sweet Adeline, in suspense


Grandma Kathleen
Grandma Kathleen

IRENE runs from her husband’s attempt to kill her and  is forced to hide in Bar Harbor, Maine, off season. She left her home and a successful career as a nursing professor. With the help of friends she’s able to find work as a nurse and cares for a nonagenarian who captures her heart. The old lady, Adeline, has dark secrets, MIRABELLE, as Irene becomes known, gains perspective while she evades her abusive husband. PETER puts her and her friends and family through the unforgivable as he continues his search for her to kill her.

Sweet Adeline is now visiting agents and editors seeking the perfect publishing partner.

More importantly Sweet Adeline is ready for you! Mirabelle and Addy are waiting!

The photo is of my namesake, Grandmother Kathleen O’Connell Scott. She and Sweet Addy harked from the same era and region.

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